About Us

Scenery Solutions team photoThe background behind Scenery Solutions dates from 1969 when a group of amateur dramatic society stage crew in the Midlands: David Clifford, Tony Clifford, Roger Brown, Terry Spicer and Keith Johnson started to design and manufacture scenery as a hobby for some of the society’s presentations.
Such was the quality and craftsmanship of their work that their reputation grew and they were constantly being asked to supply more and more stage sets not only for local societies but also for societies in surrounding areas. They soon found that they could no longer fulfil these requests whilst still working in full time employment.

They decided to give up their full time jobs and put all their efforts into building up the company which became known as Clifford and Brown. After a time, a few of the founder partners decided to pursue other careers leaving David & Tony Clifford to continue with the running of the company. In 1987 Sean Brayne was employed and the next year Neil joined the team also.
In time, David and Neil decided to retire leaving Sean to take on the company’s ownership in 2003. Tony continued to work part time as a scenic artist until 2014.

In 2013 Alick Leech, Terry Vaughan and Jason Moorhouse decided that they would, without knowing, replicate the story of Clifford & Brown. After many years of being stage crew and building scenery for amateur groups in the south they formed Scenery Solutions.

Although initially a partnership, the company was formalised and became Scenery Solutions Trading Ltd in early 2014 at which time Gavin Bancroft and Russ Kitching joined the board of directors. The company concentrated in building scenery for modern newly released musicals but knew to survive they would need to increase their hire stock at a faster rate than they were able to build.

In November 2014 after discussions between Alick and Sean, it was agreed that the original Clifford and Brown business would be integrated into Scenery Solutions Trading Ltd, bringing 45 years of experience into the business but maintaining the ability to create fresh and modern scenery, giving the combined business a new lease of life.

In January 2015 Sean left the company to pursue new challenges but keeps in regular contact with the team.

As has always been the case, Scenery Solutions pride themselves in the quality of their scenery and their friendly and helpful approach to their customers. With new premises, the company are actively building scenery to keep up with the market demands.


Alick Leech

Alick Leech.

Company Director

With over 20 years of experience in theatre, Alick is able to discuss and assist with any set requirement you may have. His experience in running other businesses has enabled him to bring ideas to the table to expand and develop Scenery Solutions in its early stages. Alick is actively involved in the design process and likes to get involved in the build as much as possible. Alick has staged managed and directed many productions, which has given him the insight into what our customers require from a scenery supplier.


Jason Moorhouse

Jason Moorhouse.

Company Director

Jason brings a wealth of electrical experience to the team at Scenery Solutions. This experience is invaluable when developing sets with built-in lighting or effects. He has 10 years of experience as stage crew and has worked on many large scale productions across the south in a wide variety of venues. Jason is a key member of the team during set builds especially those involving larger structures.



Terry Vaughan.

Scenic Construction

Terry has worked in the amateur theatre world for over 30 years. Most of that time has been spent designing and building sets, but he also has a lot of experience in stage management and as stage crew. As a designer, Terry has helped create sets for productions of Les Miserables, Bugsy Malone and Cats, along with all of the sets that have been created by Scenery Solutions.



John Grist.

Scenic Artist

Jon is a trained draughtsman who has always had a real interest in artwork. In 2000, when his wife and daughter became involved with a local dance and performing arts group, he started getting involved in painting small sets and props as well as helping backstage. As their productions evolved over the years the projects became too large for a small shed. As luck would have it, the team at Scenery Solutions had started making the sets for the same dance group and it was there they met in 2013. Jon and the others formed an instant bond and he soon became a key member of the team lending his artistic talents to painting all manner of items from chariots to 6 metre flats.