About Us

Scenery Solutions Trading Ltd specialise in the hire of theatrical scenery, backcloths and props to amateur and professional theatre. We also hire to schools, corporate events, TV and film.

We have full stage sets for over 100 musicals, both classic and modern. In addition we have set pieces to fulfil any pantomime.

With over 1,500 picture backcloths, tabs and gauzes in stock and their suitability ranging from popular musicals and pantomimes to Gilbert and Sullivan, you’re guaranteed to find one to suit your production. We have over 7,500 props for all shows and we will also deliver and collect, taking the worry out of hiring.

With our bespoke design and build service our experts can assist you in designing a set to suit your needs and vision.

Our History

After many years of being part of stage crew and building scenery for amateur groups in the south, Alick Leech formed Scenery Solutions in 2013. With help from his friends he had worked with in his hobby, the business soon took off and in March 2014 became a limited company and moved into our first industrial unit.

The company initially concentrated on building scenery for modern newly released musicals but knew to survive they would need to increase their hire stock at a faster rate than they were able to build.

In November 2014, Scenery Solutions acquired Clifford and Brown (Nuneaton), bringing 45 years of experience into the business but maintaining the ability to create fresh and modern scenery, giving the combined business a new lease of life. In December 2014 both companies were moved into a single premises in Eastleigh.

With Scenery Solutions continuing to thrive, in December 2016 our second acquisition took place and Scenechange Studios was integrated into the business. This doubled the backcloth stock of the business.

Scenery Solutions has now supplied many customers across the UK and continues to work with many of them year in year out, including film and TV studios as well as keeping its roots of theatre.

September 2018 saw a third acquisition took place, this time adding stage props and furniture from Howorth Wrightson Ltd (HWL).

Scenery Solutions continue to pride themselves in the quality of their scenery, backcloths and props and their friendly and helpful approach to their customers.