Hairspray and Hairspray Jr.
Set, props and backcloths for hire

Mama, welcome to the 60's with our versatile Hairspray set!

A static build-up at the back of steel deck with TV studio flattage forms the basis of the WZZT studios, culminating in the final scene with additional rostra and our impressive 8 foot tall Ultra Clutch Hairspray can sat centre stage.

Four cloths are included with the set for other scenes, including exteriors, the jail, school and gymnasium. Five house exterior trucks then spin to double as house interiors, record shop and Tracy's bed.

In addition to the standard set, we can offer a star cloth as a rear backing cloth, and options to extended the top deck out to house the band if required. Please contact us to discuss pricing of these options.

Opening scene, house exteriors
Hefty Hideaway
Record shop
Tracy's Bed
WZZT Studio

Suitable for:

Suitable for venues with minimum of 14 foot height in order to allow use of the top level of deck.

Four cloths require flying or swiping.

Two flown signs are provided with the set.

For venues without an orchestra pit, we can supply additional decking for the band to be on stage on the top level of deck. Please enquire about pricing.