Little Shop of Horrors Set, Props, Backcloths and Puppet Hire

Little Shop of Horrors

Set, props, puppets and backcloths for hire

Our versatile set for Little Shop of Horrors creates the perfect setting for Mushnik’s Flower Shop on Skid Row. With a trucked front wall allowing you to easily switch between interior and exterior scenes, the set allows for Audrey II to grow and grow throughout the show.

The set includes a set of four Audrey II puppets – counter top, hand held and two larger plants for the end of act 1 and throughout act 2. Rehearsal puppets for the two smaller plants are available and can be sent in advance of your production.

The main shop build-up is 12 foot high, with 14 foot flats used for the exterior.

Also included in the set is a dentist chair and other required props.

Suitable for:

Most size venues.

No flying is necessary but items can be optionally flown.

Props package

We have a props package available for this show. Please contact us for more information.

Backcloths included

The following backcloths are included with the hire of the set.