Annie Set, Props and Backcloth Hire

Annie, Annie Jr. and Annie KIDS

Set, props and backcloths for hire

Our Annie set is based around four periactoids. First used in Greek theatre, these revolving triangular set pieces allow for quick scene changes and reconfiguration of the stage. For Annie, they are used in conjunction with backcloths to create the settings for Warbucks Mansion, the White House, the Orphanage and the Radio Station.

We offer three configurations of the set, each including the peris. The full set, reduced set and peri only set.

All sets require a minimum stage height of 12 foot. For the full and reduced sets, 14 feet is recommended to allow for persons stood on the top level of rostra. All backcloths supplied with this set are 40 foot wide by 20 foot tall. For smaller venues, we can supply cloth clips and ties at an additional charge if required.

Main Orphanage Set
Hannigan Office Truck
Warbucks Mansion

Suitable for:

Full set – larger theatres with abilities to fly or swipe a larger number of cloths.

Reduced set – schools or smaller theatres.

Peri only set – schools with small stages or smaller community venues.